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We are a team of professional teachers and masters of sports who are engaged in the all-round development of your children.  With years of experience training all levels of gymnasts, we strive to provide our students with the highest quality of coaching available. All our classes are held according to a specially developed methodology. We promote an individual approach to coaching, along with a carefully designed training program we encourage your children to be successful and build their self-esteem making them ready for new achievements.

Classes are built on the constant maintenance of children’s interest in performing all exercises. During training, children will work with Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus : skipping rope, hoop, ball and clubs and ribbon.

Advantages of joining a Rhythmic Gymnastics Club:

  • promotes physical development, co-ordination and endurance
  • builds discipline, focus, and self-esteem
  • develops flexibility, grace and correct posture


• to develop and promote Rhythmic Gymnastics in Dublin
• to involve children in sports and artistry
• to promote lifelong physical fitness and interest
• to encourage children to achieve their goals





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