Gymnastics Club Rules

Payment for Gymnastics classes

You can pay for your child online using Pay Pal or Cash when registering your child.

Annual Club Membership and insurance must be paid with first term fee, or when joining the club.

Club Membership

Under no circumstances are children to be dropped off without existing club membership.  Club members are required to pay fees prior to the commencement of each term. Your child’s membership will be cancelled automatically in the event of a missed monthly payment. We cannot allow non member participation in our club. 


Gymnasts should wear clothes that doesn’t restrict their movement, such as, a t-shirt, black leggings, white socks, fleece when needed. All jewelry and valuables should be left at home as Excellence Gymnastics Academy will not take any responsibility for items lost or stolen. 

Club Safety Rules

  • No shoes to be worn into the training area.
  • No chewing gum permitted in the Gym at any time.
  • No food to be taken into the training area at any time.
  • Children must not leave the building unless accompanied by a parent or Guardian.
  • Your children are your responsibility when they are not training – before and after their class.

  • Always notify administration of any changes to medical or contact details for your child.

 Insurance and membership

We are members of Gymnastics Ireland. Gymnastics Ireland provides insurance policies for clubs and members. insurance and  Gymnastics Ireland  members fee applied once during the training year. September to August 31. This fee is not refundable

Trial classes before registration

You can sign up for a trial lesson where you only pay for one lesson. This is to see if your child likes the class before they enrol and pay full term fees, insurance and annual registration. If you return after the trial, full term fees and annual registration are due on the second visit. 

We do not allow free trial classes within our regular scheduled classes


Term dates

The minimum term is 8 weeks. The fee per term is €95  for 1 hour class and €150 for 2 classes per week. Advanced and Elite classes by invitation only.


We are a team of professional teachers and masters of sports who are engaged in the all-round development of your children.  All of our coaches are well-trained, safe and knowledgeable gymnastics professionals. With years of experience training all levels of gymnasts, we strive to provide our students with the highest quality of coaching available. All our classes are held according to a specially developed methodology. We promote an individual approach to coaching, along with a carefully designed training program we encourage your children to be successful and build their self-esteem making them ready for new achievements.

What Child Can Bring To Class

Gymnasts should bring still water (only) to their class and can keep it with their belongings. We ask that gymnasts do not carry their water around the gym. No food allowed in gym

If child misses a class

You must schedule the class in the same month as the missed class. If a child has missed more than one class, they are only eligible for one up class for the current month. No missed classes may be carried over to the following month. Classes must be scheduled in advance. Please contact us to reserve you class and provide the date of the missed class.

Please Note: This opportunity is for trainings missed due to illness only, not for absences due to forgetting class, vacations or conflicting events

Parent and Coach Communication

Our coaches are more than happy to speak to parents and are available to discuss any issue, however they are not available for discussion with parents during class times

Issues Not Appropriate to Discuss with Coaches

  1. Training Time
  2. Team and Club Strategy
  3. Other student gymnasts

Can parents watch?

Yes. Parents will be invited to the waiting room where they can watch their kids during Gymnastics lessons. We have a viewing area upstairs and parents are welcome to stay and watch (parents are not allowed to stay in the sports hall) 

Policy on photography/filming at Excellence Sports Academy Gymnastics Club

Parents who agree upon registration that their child’s photograph may be used on the club notice board or website/ social media are agreeing to this for the duration of their membership unless they inform us otherwise in writing.


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