Dear Parents. Following price increase for insurance & competition’s by Gymnastics Ireland we appeal to you with this open letter.

Before we start taking registrations for 2018/19 academic year we would like to hear from you whether or not we need to stay with Irish Gymnastics Association and pay high fee or be an independent club to safe our money? If we decided to stay with Gymnastics Ireland the insurance & registration fee will be much higher this year.

Following price increase for insurance in June 2018, we requested that Gymnastics Ireland explain that what exactly caused this increase. We also expained that Rhythmic gymnastics is a lot safer and less traumatic as it does not perform as many risky tricks as in artistic, trampoline or acrobatics. Therefore it must be classified as less traumatic and be quoted separately as a specific gymnastics discipline. But we are still waiting for a response to our letter since June.

Membership, insurance and participation in competitions are extremely overpriced in Ireland and do not contribute to the development of sports in the country, particularly in rhythmic gymnastics. As a comparison, parents at British Gymnastics pay between £11 and £23 per year where they also run special programs to support large and middle-income families, while in Ireland parents pay over 100-110 EUR per year for one child. Imagine if there are 2 or even 3 gymnasts in the family, what would be the cost for participation in the competition, leotards, hotels and traveling expenses?

Your opinion is very important for us


Registration & Enrolment  

Please send us Registration Form to find out availability.  Subject to spaces being available.

If there are no spaces your child’s name will be added to our current members waiting list for the requested class and you will be contacted as soon as a space is available. 

We offer you a free trial at the beginning of a new academic year when your child first join us to see how your child get on with the session. In order to book a trial lesson for your daughter you need to register your child on our website through the registration page. 

The terms fees, annual club Membership and Insurance must be paid with first term fee, or when joining the club. Gymnastics Ireland  members fee & and Insurance applied once during the training year – September to August 31. Please note this fee is not refundable.

Registrations can be accepted in person at our office or by our online registration method.

Online payment is accepted by PayPal  or by coming in to the office.